My Kind of Afternoon



If I was to choose between the city or the province to stay in for the weekend, I would definitely pick the latter!

A week ago, our department took a day off on a Friday to get away to the beach for the yearly outing.

It was puuure joy. To be able to escape from the hassle of city living every once in a while is so much of a pleasure. Imagine: sea breeze, sand on your toes, the sound of the waves tossing on the shore, the towering coconut trees, bright blue skies on a fair weather, sunset by the beach, corals, people singing and having fun, and then being able to SIT BACK AND RELAX and just really contemplate on nature and appreciate God’s handwork. I firmly believe no amount of elite city living can top this when you’re one on one again with God surrounded by nature.

While I was on the balcony, literally just chilling with a book and a good friend of mine, as I looked around, I made it a point to say a  silent prayer to God and thank Him for every blessing I have received in the past. What’s wonderful is that when you look around, you can see  God’s beauty everywhere. Amazing!

This is my kind of afternoon. It’s not just about the book nor the ambiance, but the moment, the “now” that is so important to me because times like these don’t always happen. When you ask God for rest, He surely gives without delay, and what’s best is that He makes us feel His peace through His beautiful creation. We only need to have the eyes to see to appreciate it. 😉


Book: The Last Jihad, Joel Rosenberg
Place: Honey Beach Resort, Lobo, Batangas, PH 🌞🌊🌊👣

How would you describe your perfect weekend afternoon? Let me know your ideas below! 😄



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