Lettering workshop


If you like to collect different kinds of pens and paper stuffs, if you like artistic handwriting, if you like old and modern calligraphy, if you doodle quotes at the back of your notebook (or in any piece of paper), if you always have a hard time styling that one letter ( in my case, letter S), if your penmanship is so poor but you write letterings like a boss, or you simply just want to write beautifully, I really advise you attend a Lettering Workshop.

Unlike other art workshops, this kind is just very cheap. To start your own lettering does not really require expensive pens and high- quality papers, so the workshops do not also cost that much. But the experience was still advantageous.

This one that I attended was a 4-hour workshop on Basic Lettering ang Papercutting in a very homey cafe as the venue. We had lettering as the first activity, followed by the papercutting session. Both are actually not easy 😂 but the finished project was worth the sweat.

What I really liked in this workshop are:

The kit – tracing papers, specialty papers, cutting board, hobby knife, brush pen, handouts, a good pencil and eraser

Listening to the discussion – because I only used to copy from internet images

The coaching from the expert – yes because that’s what you are paying the most. And trust me, personal instructions from them are as good as having a new guide book or fountain pen.

Being with people who has the same interest as you do – can’t stress this any further. It’s just so inspiring to be with artists to the point that it challenges you also to do your best in your craft. 😉

Next time you find a workshop that suits your interest and skill and if it seems that all the odds are in your favor during that time, I say, really, really go for it. The experience can go very far! 💚




Venue: Maestro Fedeli Cafe РBi̱an, Laguna
Instructor: Wednesday Sambile
Fee: Php 1, 200


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