Let me start with a throwback :)



Every first is meant to be special. First day at school. First job. First pay. First date. First love. First child, and the list goes on. So for the premier of my blog I want my post to be about Someone really special to me. He is, in fact, the One and I am going to tell you about my Jesus.

Yes. Because He is the reason behind it all. The reason why I live. The reason why I breathe and think and speak and move. He is the answer to all of my questions. He has filled the empty spaces in me that no material thing, not even man can satisfy.

To find Him is the greatest achievement I could ever have because it is in Jesus that I have life. He has been thinking about this moment millions of years ago, when man is not even a man yet, and earth was not even earth yet, nor the skies and the universe.

He has been thinking about my heart. As well as your heart. ❤

I could tell you of many events in my life when I felt that I did great, the moment was just like kismet, and the whole scene was just excellent. There’s this full academic scholarship I had in high school, my first best friend in college, then the first time I had my art stuffs (!!!), the summer job I had in senior year which became one of the most memorable event because of the life lessons I learned with the people, then also the thesis I passed with flying colors, the first travel I had without my parents, then when I passed the licensure exam, the first job interviews I aced, and the career path I’m having now.

All of these things seemed ordinary. Everybody can experience having a best friend, gathering their dream stuffs, dream job, and that solo backpacking we all want to experience. But how often do we realize that behind these seemingly ordinary activities we do, there is actually an EXTRAORDINARY GOD in charge of it all?

I am most pleased to tell you that before all those events/achievements I have mentioned to you above took place, I have first gone through tough times. And in those tough times, I have come to God in prayer, asking Him to take charge of what lies ahead of me. It was a full surrender to God because I do not know what to do anymore. All that’s left for me was to trust in Him and have faith. And mind you, that is enough. What God did after the storm was more than enough; He did what was supernatural.

So the bottom line of this is God is with me through all the best things that ever happened to my life. I would have despaired and remained where I was but He carried me up and brought me where He wanted me to be. All because that is how He loves. He is indeed the best that ever happened to me.


“I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” – Psalm 27:13


How about you, what is the best thing that ever happened to your life? Is Jesus in there, too?


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